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دانلود برنامه پرفکت اسکرین شات اندروید Perfect Screen Shot r44

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دانلود برنامه پرفکت اسکرین شات اندروید Perfect Screen Shot r44

شاید شما هم جز افرادی باشید که نمیتوانید با کلید پیش فرض موبایل خود اسکرین شات بگیرید شما میتوانید از این برنامه استفاده کنید پس آن را از دست ندهید.شما حتی میتوانید عکس های گرفته شده را در گالری خود ذخیره کرده و در شبکه های اجتماعی به اشتراک بگذارید.شما با دانلود ونصب برنامه Perfect Screen Shot میتوانید به آسانی و راحتی از صفحه موبایل خود عکس بگیرید و آن را با استفاده از افکت های مختلف ویرایش کنید.این برنامه با قیمت ۱.۹۹ دلار در گوگل پلی به فروش میرسد ولی با این وجود تا کنون بیش از ۵ هزار بار از مارکت اندروید توسط کاربران خریداری و دریافت شده است.

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Perfect Screen Shot Ultra

Perfect Screen Shot Ultra

New Features:
★۳D frames (find them in Generic and Nexus 5 for now)
★Chameleon frames. For select frames (looks for the chamo symbol), make the frame match your screenshot, or make it black or white.
★Frame opacity
★Full control over frame positioning (when using a background image)
★Full control over shadow positioning
★Background opacity. Combine with a background color for dramatic tinting effects!
★Full X, Y and Z rotation capabilities for the Naked frame
Use Perfect Screenshot for the ultimate experience in decorating your screenshots. It features a full Material Design UX, along with tons of customizations for you to showcase your screenshot in the best light. Just take a screenshot on your device, and open it with the Perfect Screenshot app. Share and enjoy.
★Full Material Design UX
★Smooth, pleasant and fast performance
★Import your screenshots from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other service connected to your device
★Custom background images (paid version only)
–Optional blur
★Bottom shadow
★Drop shadow
★Background color!
–Pick a custom background color
★Smart background color!! (Paid version: 6 options. Free version: 1 option)
–Let the app pick the perfect background color based on your screen shot!
★Naked frame
–Decorate your screenshot without any frame at all
–Tilt perspective for a 3D look
★Height and width background adjustment options to add more space for your device
★High resolution output images
★Portrait and landscape frames
–Will automatically place landscape screenshots into a landscape frame
★Many, many devices supported. See full list below
★Usually multiple frame options per device
Frames available for:
Droid Turbo
Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge
Galaxy Tab 8.4, 10.5, 12.2
HTC One – M7, M8, M9
LG G2, G3
Moto G
Moto G (2014)
Moto X
Moto X (2014)
Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7 (2012 & 2013), 9, 10
Note 2, 3, 4
OnePlus One
Xiaomi Mi3
Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3
Q: My device keeps getting an error. What do I do?
A1: Clear app cache.
A2: Delete /pictures/perfectscreenshot_assets
A: Please email me [email protected] or contact me on
Q: Can I try it for free?
A: Yes. There is an ad-supported version. You should try that before purchasing this one to try it out. Then purchase this one to get all of the features and go ad-free.
Q: What does this app do???
A: Check out the video for a walk though. If you have a screenshot, you can import it into this app. From the app, you can decorate your screenshot in exciting and dramatic ways with device frame, background images and matching colors.
Q: How do I get my screen shots into the app?
A1: Use the picture icon in the app to select one of your screen shots.
A2: Go into your photo app and share a screenshot to Perfect Screenshot (PSS).
A3: Take a screen shot and share it directly from the notification area.
Q: Um… so how do I take a screenshot?
A: Usually by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Not working for you? Check with your favorite, friendly internet community for help.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Used to save your new screenshots
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Used to import screenshots already saved to your phone
INTERNET – Used to download frames from the cloud and check for updates
CHECK_LICENSE – Verify purchased apps (I’m looking at you, aptoide…)
VIBRATE – Vibrate the phone in specific circumstances

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دانلود برنامه پرفکت اسکرین شات اندروید Perfect Screen Shot r44

نسخه اندروید مورد نیاز: Android ۴.۱ دانلود بارکد اسکنر
 قیمت‌در مارکت اندروید: ۱.۹۹ دلار گزارش خرابی
منبع: هزار و یک دانلود گزارش انتشار نسخه جدید
رمز فایل‌در صورت نیاز : ۱۰۰۱ پاسخ به سوالات و مشکلات مربوط به این برنامه / بازی

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