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دانلود اپلیکیشن آلارم برای اندروید Alarmy Pro For Android 30.51
4.8 | 9

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  • نسخه فعلی : 30.51
  • حجم : 13 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید 2.2
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
  • آخرین بروزرسانی :
  • بازدید : 2949

دانلود اپلیکیشن آلارم برای اندروید Alarmy Pro For Android 30.51

Alarmy Pro آلارمی بسیار جالب مخصوص کسانی که صبح ها خیلی سخت از خواب بیدار میشوند ، اگر شما هم جز این افراد هستید این آلارم آزار دهنده را همین حالا دانلود کنید، چرا که این آلارم دارای توابعی بسیار جالب برای قطع شدن زنگ دارد که یکی از آنها گرفتن عکس از شیر آب می باشد !!علاوه بر این شما میتوانید تعیین کنید تا گوشی خود را تکان ندهید و یا چند مسئله سخت حل نکنید آلارم قطع نشود و به صورت مداوم تکرار میشود. برنامه Alarmy که اولین برنامه در زمینه آلارم در بیش از ۷۰ کشور می باشد دارای یک محیط بسیار ساده اما شیک به همراه ۷ تم رنگی است.همچنین شما میتوانید آهنگ مورد علاقه خود برای زنگ آلارم انتخاب کنید

امکانات برنامه آلارمی Alarmy Pro اندروید :

> دارای ۷تم رنگی شیک و زیبا
> دارای یک محیط کاربری ساده و شیک
> عنوان بهترین برنامه در این زمینه در بیش از ۷۰ کشور (مانند آلمان ، فرانسه ، کره جنوبی و … )
> قابلیت استفاده از آهنگ مورد علاقه برای آلارم
> دارای ۴ تابع جالب برای قطع شدن آلارم (پیش فرض ، گرفتن عکس از شیر آب ، تکان دادن گوشی و حل محاسبات ریاضی)

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    ■ "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc." ■ #1 in the category in 70 countries, including Germany, France, and South Korea.(Appstore) ■ To turn it off, you have to go to the pictured place and take a photo. ■ "Alarmy" Forces you out of bed ■ How to turn off the alarm? - Register a place where you want to turn off the alarm. - When alarm starts ringing, you will have to go to the registered place and take a picture. e.g.) If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and take a picture of the bathroom.■ Tip - good place to register : bathroom sink, front door, shelf, desk, specific object, far from bed - bad place to register : brightness changes frequently, close to your bed, cealing, floor - If the currently registered alarm picture is too easy or too difficult to turn off, please register a new place :)Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the innovative solution for those who just can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock. This app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area. The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, Alarmy has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has been featured in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currently Number One in its category in 33 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea. Users are truly enjoying this app and many have devised their own unique methods around the alarm’s requirements. For instance, you could register the foot of the bed as your location, then you would only need to wake up enough to take a pic of the foot of your bed and then go right back to sleep. Of course, this totally circumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun pastime for many users. Works Better Than Other Alarm Clocks Other creative locations that users have come up with include the ceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. If you’re more serious about really getting up on time, then how about registering the bathroom sink or an item in the kitchen? Though the app has sparked lots of interest and has proven to be really entertaining, it will definitely get you out of bed. If you absolutely MUST get up on time for an important appointment or job interview, then this would be the perfect solution.

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