C Launcher
دانلود برنامه سی لانچر اندروید C Launcher Themes for Android 3.10.12
3.9 | 53

دانلود فایل نصبی
  • نسخه فعلی : 3.10.12
  • حجم : 11 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید 2.3
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
  • آخرین بروزرسانی :
  • بازدید : 8820

دانلود برنامه سی لانچر اندروید C Launcher Themes for Android 3.10.12

تاکنون در هزار و یک دانلود لانچر هایی از جمله گو لانچر اندروید ، هولا لانچر اندروید و … برای دانلود به شما معرفی کرده ایم ، و حالا نوبت به سی لانچر رسیده است .C Launcher  جز بهترین و شیک ترین لانچر های اندروید میباشد که به صورت رایگان در گوگل پلی عرضه شده است و دارای امتیاز ۴.۶ از ۵.۰ و بیش از ۵۰ میلیونکاربری می باشد.اگر شما نیز جز افرادی هستید که از محیط تکراری موبایل خود خسته شده اید برنامه سی لانچر اندروید را از دست ندهید و حتما آن را دانلود کرده و برروی گوشی و یا تبلت اندرویدی خود نصب کنید و رابط کاربری گوشی خود را متحول کنید و از ظاهری جذاب و جدید لذت ببرید .

امکانات سی لانچر C Launcher اندروید :

> قابلیت ساخت پوشه
> قابلیت سفارشی سازی تم ها و الپیپر ها و… .
> استفاده کم از باتری و افزایش سرعت موبایل شما
> قابلیت مخفی سازی برنامه های نصب شده در موبایل
> قابلیت Fast and simple برای جستجو حذف و دانلود برنامه ها

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    C Launcher Apk Free Download

    C Launcher- No.1 nice Launcher which is SPEEDY, SMART, BATTERY-SAVING and PERSONALIZED. C Launcher is a highly customized launcher, featuring user-friendly interface, minimal battery consumption, and speedy mobile searches that protect your privacy from third parties the perfect way while offering the ultimate personalized DIY launcher experience. Main Features: - Fast and simple - Find, download, and uninstall apps, themes and more from the search bar. - Friendly interaction - Contextual launcher that delivers what you need with every single detail. - Safe - App protects your privacy in the perfect way, protecting your phone from third parties. SPEEDY - Save battery, clean junk files, and speed up device with one tap - Easily find what you need. Find, download, and uninstall apps all from the search bar SECURE - Hide apps and protect your privacy with a stretching gesture that locks your Apps - Passcode/pattern lock, IOS style lock screen. SMART - Application unread notification count (Address feedback) - Smart folder automatically organizes your apps based on functions. - Smart widgets like fast cleaner, weather clock, and power saving to save time. CUSTOMIZABLE - FREE nice live wallpaper (NEW) - Change default lock screen theme (Address feedback) - Customize phone with thousands of categorized themes, wallpapers, and icon packs. - DIY your very own theme with only 3 steps. - Personalized greetings More features are coming soon, stay tuned. ♥ More FREE live wallpaper ♥ Quick launch panel on lock screen ♥ Friendly navigation and clean UI without pushing you to do what you don’t like C Launcher: C what’s you like -Here we have the most adorable and fabulous wallpaper and theme.We cooperate with a lot of apps, you can find their theme, too; for example we have the authorised Mobogenie theme and so on. -You can be your own designer and DIY your themes, using family’s photo or your cute pet. -Highly customized home scream, make your smart phone more personalized. -You can share your art theme work with your friend, let them use your designation or give it like a gift -We help you know better about your smart phone, the battery, the storage and other efficient tool. -You’ll C everything you like with C launcher Users’ Voice Our users really love C Launcher and we believe you will too! "Very nice app. easy to use on core 2. Very smooth" - Kunal Patel "I love it! It makes my phone more adorable!" - Ashley "We can search our app easily it does not take more time .it helps to manage app as our wish ...." - Gita Bag "I have been using this theme for weeks, Its nice, interesting. Simply i love it" - Hussein Mussa "This is so unique and have not found anything like this. Very proud user and would very much recommend this To anyone." - Jessica Pyles-Snethen “With this one, I'm able to make my s5 feel like I designed it and get some cool features, as well. C launcher is just what I have been looking for and, it gives some download suggestions. ”- Mary Anderson Make your phone play by your rules, with C Launcher! C Launcher is available from Android 2.3+. FAQ: 1.How to hide and unhide apps? Stretch out with two fingers on screens. For the first time, go Setting>Password Setting and tap + to choose apps to be hidden. To unhide apps, enter Hide Interface by above steps, tap + and uncheck apps that’s been hidden. 2.How to find my hidden apps? Stretch out with two fingers on screens and enter password. 3.How to find C Launcher Settings and more? Swipe up on screens. 4.How to enable locker of C Launcher? Swipe up on main screen and go Preferences>Locker>Open Lock Screen 5.How to change wallpapers? Long press any space and swipe right to go Wallpapers>Choose wallpapers