تناسب اندام اندروید JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness 9.11
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  • نسخه فعلی : 9.11
  • حجم : 15 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
  • آخرین بروزرسانی :
  • بازدید : 2750

تناسب اندام اندروید JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness 9.11

JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness یکی از بهترین برنامه ها در زمینه ی تناسب اندام برای موبایل های اندرویدی می باشد که با قیمت ۴.۹۹ دلار در گوگل پلی به فروش می رسد و ما لینک دانلود این برنامه را به صورت کاملا رایگان برای شما گذاشتیم تا از دانلود آن لذت ببرید.این برنامه دارای چندین تمرین کاربردی برای تناسب اندام شما می باشد.
ویژگی ها و امکانات برنامه JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness :
> دارای بیش از ۱۰۰۰ تمرین کاربردی
> دارای نمودار فعالبت های هفتگی شما
> قابلیت نمایش دادن میزان فعالیت بدنی شما

JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness

Note for New Pro users: please do not buy from here, buy it from NEW JEFIT app directly. This app is only for helping existing PRO users to migrate to NEW JEFIT app.
Get back in the gym and improve your life with JEFIT, a personal trainer in your pocket!
JEFIT Pro is the ultimate FREE fitness, bodybuilding and workout trainer for all individuals looking for that extra step and motivation to get back into the gym and achieve their fitness goals
This is the Pro ads-free version of the JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer, it includes all the functions from JEFIT Free plus some extra features for paying users :
With over 1300+ unique exercises with descriptions and animations, ability to create personal workout routines and daily fitness plans, tracking body statistics, view workout progress, adding friends and interacting with the community for motivation; you won’t feel intimidated again!
– “Best bodybuilding and workout trainer ever! Can’t believe this tool is free!”
– “Best bodybuilding and fitness log I have found so far! Especially for FREE! Well worth the download”
– “JEFIT is the BEST Workout and Fitness logger EVER! The combination of downloadable daily workout routines and tracking your progress online is great! Also its FREE”
– “JEFIT is the best FREE workout and fitness planner on the market, never go to the gym without this tool”
– ۱۳۰۰+ weight training exercises in the largest exercise database
– Workout routine database with community created daily workout routines and fitness plans
– Two – Way Sync
– Easily track your workouts, create fitness routines, stay motivated and build muscle
– View your body and lifting progress keep you motivated for further training and weight lifting
– Fully customizable routines and exercises to create daily workout programs
– Create your own daily custom fitness plans personalized to your goals to help you get in shape and improve your health
– Download community created weight training routines for both men and women
– Routines specific for your goals, i.e getting six pack abs, building a lean body, lose weight, increase strength
– Search weight lifting and muscle building exercises to create your own daily fitness routines
– Exercises for all major weight lifting equipment including barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, strength and cardio machines and more
– Detailed exercise instructions and animations
– Track cardio, yoga, fitness and strength training exercises
– Create your own custom exercises and view progress your favorite exercises
– Quick and simple tracking of your weight/reps and sets for exercises
– Save your best lifting record for each exercise
– Connect with and add friends to help stay motivated
– Compete, challenge, share your progress and compare stats with the community
– Log into your profile page to update your friends on how you are doing with your training progress
– Share your workouts via email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
– Sync your workout data and save your lifting and body stat progress
– Download from community created strength routines and daily fitness plans
* To utilize the sync feature, a JEFIT Account is required to back up your data and keep track of your workouts on the website. You can create a FREE Account at
JEFIT is brought to you by Jefit Inc, the top workout, fitness and bodybuilding trainer. See why millions of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and exercisers have chosen JEFIT to stay on track with their fitness goals and improve their workouts
It is a personal trainer in your pocket!

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