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برنامه ساخت کلاز Layapp اندروید Layapp Pro 2.0
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  • نسخه فعلی : 2.0
  • حجم : 22 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید 2.3
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
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  • بازدید : 2262

برنامه ساخت کلاز Layapp اندروید Layapp Pro 2.0

Layapp Pro – Collage Maker یکی از بتهرین برنامه های کلاژ اندروید میباشد که در گوگل پلی نیز عرضه شده است و با قیمت ۵۹.۰۰ به فروش میرسد و این برنامه جز برنامه ها ی پر فروش گوگل پلی است.این برنامه قابلیت این را دارد که متن ها و قاب هایی را به عکس اضافه کنید . کار کردن با این برنامه خیلی ساده است و نیاز به هیچ دانشی ندارد.

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    70% off to celebrate the launch, limited time only! Download now. Layapp – is a professional collage maker that allows you to create your own creative photo collage.We’ve designed lots of collage layouts for different purposes. Layapp offers you shaped frames to help you achieve all your creative goals.Having a great set of filters and photo editing tools Layapp is as functional as any other professional photo editor.When your collage is ready, don’t forget to sign it and decorate it with cool stickers. Layapp has a set of stickers that will turn your collage into an exciting story! CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE COLLAGE - More than 190 adjustable collage patterns; - Flexible collage editing: change frame thickness, indent size, corner-curving, shade adding; - Create collages in the shape of a rectangle, triangle, circle, and even heart; - Auto Layout function enables you to create your collage instantaneously: just choose the pictures and the app will suggest the best collage options; - It’s easy to change photos inside collage: just press and hold the photo to swap it with other photo; - Rotate the photo in the collage frame, enlarge or reduce its size; - You’ll be pleased with the Intuitive interface! ADD FRAMES AND BACKGROUND TO YOUR COLLAGE - Stylish frames include a variety of patterns; - More than 80 background patterns: flowers, stars, candies, cakes, clouds, hearts e.t.c; - You can choose monochrome background from a rich color palette; EDITING TOOLS: UNIQUE FILTERS AND STYLISH EFFECTS - You can apply filters and effects to each photo in a collage; - Lots of terrific filters and effects will make your photo outstanding; - Adjust the intensity of filters; - Use the following editing tools: brightness, contrast, expose, sharpness; - Change the position of the photo in the collage, use rotation, vertical or horizontal flip; - Tap on the photo to get the additional editing menu; - Tap on the photo twice to restore rotation settings.