Memento Database
برنامه ذخیره اطلاعات اندروید Memento Database 4.5.0
4.1 | 45

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  • نسخه فعلی : 4.5.0
  • حجم : 20 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید 2.2
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
  • آخرین بروزرسانی :
  • بازدید : 3361

برنامه ذخیره اطلاعات اندروید Memento Database 4.5.0

Memento Database یکی از کاربردی ترین و بهترین برنامه های اندرویدی می باشد که به صورت رایگان‌در گوگل پلی عرضه شده است.شما با دانلود ونصب این برنامه میتوانید تمامی اطالاعات خود را‌در محیطی زیبا و امن ذخیره کنید.این برنامه میتواند‌در هر جایی کاربرد داشته باشد حتی دانش آموزی که میخواهد برنامه روزانه خودش را بنویسد.آشپزی که دستور عمل هایی را میخواهد جایی داشته باشد و…..

این برنامه قابلیت بکاپ گیری نیز دارد پس نگران اطلاعات خود نباشید چون با این برنامه هیچ مشکلی نخواهید داشت.این برنامه اطلاعات شما را به صورت طبقه بندی شده‌در اختیار شما میگذارد تا شما به راحتی‌در آن جستجو کنید ، بنویسید و …

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    Memento Database Apk Free Download

    Memento Database is a highly flexible and customizable personal database management tool. Created for anyone seeking to store various data on their Android devices, the software enables users to create custom libraries with unique sets of data fields, quickly add new entries and, finally, share entries with friends or colleagues, or export them to other systems with just a few taps. A proper database management tool is nothing without corresponding search, navigation and sorting tools. Memento Database has it all – and it even supports barcode scanning for searching the database! Google Sheets As a mobile tool optimized for Android smartphones and tablets, Memento supports online synchronization via the Google Sheets application and allows you to edit your records on your PC. The app can also be used as mobile forms for Google Sheets. Personal use The program can be used literally by anyone: from cooking enthusiasts collecting recipes to field scientists on a mission. Lists of purchases or expenses, a collection of movies, tasks, fishing spots, your store inventory and pretty much anything else – all of this can be easily added to Memento Database and quickly found afterwards! Memento allows you to establish a connection between various kinds of records. For example, if you have a list of trips and a list of tourism equipment you can add any usable equipment to an entry on the trip list. Business use Add mobility to your IT infrastructure by integrating Memento Database. Your employees will be able to manage any business data through their phones and tablets. Common use cases for business: project management, customer relationship management (crm), inventory management, expenses and receipts, products management, sales management. Online catalog Our online catalog of library templates gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a large number of ways to use Memento. The catalog currently contains over 3,000 library templates. Flexibility and diversity of the features make it possible to create an app that perfectly suits your taste. Main features * Storing entries with custom fields; * Sorting, grouping and filtering entries by any fields; * Memento can display your data in form of a list, table, on a map, and even in a calendar; * Synchronization with Google Sheets; * 19 types of fields: – text, integer, boolean, date/time, rating, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, Google Maps coordinate and others; * Many-to-many relationship between entries; * Importing and exporting CSV-files / Excel; * Password protection (encrypt entries using AES-128); * Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area; * Mass calculations (aggregation): sum, maximum, minimum, average; * Reminders; * Backing up and restoring data; * Sending entries via SMS, e-mail, and other available services; * Barcode scanner, creating entries with data and images retrieved from Amazon; * Search entries in database by barcode. * Any entry in Memento can be published and made available to your friends or worldwide; * Online catalog of library templates. Over 3000 templates available; * You can keeping track of everything.