Mia My New Best Friend
دانلود بازی میا مای نیو بست فرند اندروید Mia My New Best Friend 0.1.2
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دانلود بازی میا مای نیو بست فرند اندروید Mia My New Best Friend 0.1.2

Mia My New Best Friend بازی کودکانه که توسط شرکت بازی‌سازی Coco Play By TabTale برای اندروید منتشر شده است.در بازی میا مای نیو بست فرند شما باید با میا بازی کنید و در انتخاب لباس به او کمک کنید و زمانی که میا گشنه می‌شود شما به او غذا دهید که بسیار جالب می‌باشد.بازی میا مای نیو بست فرند در گوگل پلی دارای امتیاز ۴.۰ از ۵.۰ می‌باشد.همچنین در بازی دخترانه میا مای نیو بست فرند شما میتوانید با استفاده از شخصیت های دوست داشتنی و کودکانه ای که وجود دارد ساعت ها سرگرم شده و از بازی لذت ببرید.

ویژگی‌های بازی Mia My New Best Friend اندروید :

> امکان بازی کردن با میا
> دارای گرافیک بسیارعالی
> دارای گیم‌پلی بسیار عالی
> دارای صداگذاری بسیار عالی

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    Mia My New Best Friend Apk Free Download

    Meet Mia, your new best friend! Mia is a cute little girl who lives in a big house! She has everything she could possibly want, but the only thing she really wants is a friend like YOU! Play and dance with Mia for hours! Dress her up in adorable outfits and choose from the hottest new styles. When she get's hungry - feed her yummy snacks! Bathe MIa so she's fresh and clean (don't forget to brush her teeth!) and tuck her into bed. It's up to you to care for Mia with all your heart… ‘cause that's what best friends are for! Features: * Mia dances in 9 styles - ballet, hula, modern and more! * Choose from tons of outfits to style Mia - she can be Snow White, Cinderella, a witch, princess, giraffe and so much more! * Play fun mini games with Mia like Left or Right and Rock, Paper, Scissors! * Care for the garden outside with Mia! Plant beautiful flowers! * Bathe Mia in the bathroom - get her ready for the new day! * Feed Mia all kinds of yummy treats - make sure she gets all the nutrients she needs! * Tuck Mia into bed and wish her a good night! * Take a picture with Mia! Show off your style and new best friend! * Check in on Mia to get awesome daily bonuses! PRIVACY: * This App is free to play but certain in-game items may be purchased for real money. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device. * By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at http://tabtale.com/privacy-policy/ and at http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use/. This App may include third parties services, such as ad networks and analytics, and may contain social media links that allow users communicate with others. Collection and use of data are subject to TabTale's Privacy Policy.