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دانلود برنامه رژیم لاغری اندروید My Diet Coach Pro 4.3.6
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  • نسخه فعلی : 4.3.6
  • حجم : 14 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
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دانلود برنامه رژیم لاغری اندروید My Diet Coach Pro 4.3.6

با My Diet Coach Pro ( برنامه رژیم غذایی اندروید ) میتوانید به راحتی و آسانی میزان کالری مواد غذایی مختلف را بدانید و با توجه به آن غذا بخورید تا به وزن ایده آل خود برسید.این برنامه با قیمت ۳.۹۹ دلار در گوگل پلی عرضه شده است و دارای امتیاز ۴.۷ از ۵.۰ میباشد که رضایت کاربران اندروید را نشان میدهد.
شما با استفده از برنامه My Diet Coach Pro ( برنامه رژیم غذایی اندروید ) میتوانید میزان آب بدن خود را بیابید و وزن خود را اندازه گیری کنید و همچنین قادر هستید که نتایج را در شبکه های اجتماعی به اشتراک بگذارید

ویژگی ها و امکانات برنامه رژیم لاغری اندروید My Diet Coach Pro :

> قابلیت اندازه گیری وزن شما
> قابلیت نمایش کالری مصرف شده
> قابلیت نمایش میزان آب بدن شما
> دارای انواع ورژش برای کم کردن وزن

My Diet Coach Pro

My Diet Coach Pro

It’s not only one of a kind, easy to use diet diary and calorie calculator. It’s also your virtual body which motivates and encourages you at the right moments
My Diet Coach – Win the mental game of dieting !!
My Diet Coach will help you to:
> Stay on track – With the user-friendly diet planner, meal and exercise journal, calorie counter, custom reminders for every diary event, challenges tracker, BMI calculator and BMR calculator.
> Get motivated – With the motivational photos aid, your goal reminder, virtual rewards and tips.
> Overcome weight loss difficulties – With tips and reminders for every type of challenge and by logging repetitive difficulties in your diet journal.
> Record and view your weight loss progress – With the Pro weight chart!
> Curb your next food craving with the “Food cravings panic button”.
Press Reviews:
“My Diet Coach Pro is one of the better dieting apps I’ve checked out…”
“Packed with tons of helpful features, this app was well thought-out by the developers and is truly your very own personal diet coach” -Appadvice
User Reviews:
“LOVE IT!!! I used to (try to) use Weight Watchers mobile but their food database was horrible and their app NEVER worked properly … This is so much better and for such a low price it’s a no-brainer. Buy this app and start losing weight!”
New! – Notifications with voice replies for Android Wear (Watch):
۱. Voice notifications for tracking water consumption
۲. Voice notifications for calorie counting
۳. Actionable notifications for Android Wear
Detailed Description:
Diet Planner and Calendar:
> Personalize your diet plan – define your own meals, exercises, and other events once and reuse them without having to re-enter all the details.
> One diary for exercises, meals and other events…
> Set reminders that will remind you to plan and journal.
> Calories calculator for hundreds of types of exercise and thousands of foods.
> Barcode scanner for US foods
> Track carbs, fats and protein for US foods
> Planning makes it easy to journal – just check off recurring meals and exercises in the journal diary.
> Expect the unexpected – if you know you suffer from emotional eating, hunger, or mindless eating at certain times – add it to your diary and be prepared.
> Add other weight-loss-related tasks like cooking, finding healthy recipes, drink water, preparing healthy grocery lists, measuring your weight and more…
*** Diet Journal and Logging
> Account for everything you eat and do during the day – journal your meals and exercises.
> Calorie calculator for hundreds of types of exercise and thousands of foods (including major fast food chains). New: Search online over 1,000,000 of foods (powered by FatSecret)
> Calorie counter – View calories consumed and burned against your daily calorie goals.
> Integrated reminders to journal your meals and exercises. The timing of the reminders is flexible and can be set up however you like.
> Flexible and easy-to-use.
> Drink water button – track your water consumption
> Take photos of food eaten
Weight and body measurements Tracker
> Record your weight loss progress and body measurements (Neck, waist, hips, upper arm, bust)
> View your weight loss chart and graphs.
> Use your weight chart as a motivational aid – set a reminder that shows your weight chart.
> Weigh in reminder
Other Features:
> Easy to use interactive challenges tracker
> Get virtual rewards for “doing the right thing”
> Tips for every type of challenge – tips for weight-loss, health, and fitness.
> Increase your motivation and become more active with extensive diet reminders: Set reminders for your goal, motivational photos, make a healthy grocery list, cook healthy meals, create a diet plan and much more…
> Motivational aids – photos and virtual rewards- will make the app your best diet assistant.
> Create and adjust your weight loss profile.

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دانلود برنامه رژیم لاغری اندروید My Diet Coach Pro 4.3.6
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نسخه اندروید مورد نیاز: Android ۴.۰ دانلود بارکد اسکنر
 قیمت‌در مارکت اندروید: رایگان گزارش خرابی
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