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دانلود برنامه مای فیک لوک اندروید 1.55 My Fake Look Photo editor
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دانلود برنامه مای فیک لوک اندروید 1.55 My Fake Look Photo editor

با دانلود و نصب برنامه My Fake Look میتوانید عکس های خود را ویرایش کنید و آنها را در شبکه های اجتماعی به اشتراک بگذارید.در این برنامه تعداد زیادی ابزار مختلف وجود دارد که شما میتوانید بدون پرداخت هزینه ای از آنها استفاده کنید و تصاویر خود را ادیت کنید.
این برنامه دارای قاب های جدید و زیبا میباشد که میتوانید از آنها به راحتی استفاده کنید.این برنامه به صورت رایگان در گوگل پلی عرضه شده است و تاکنون بیش از ۵۰ میلیون بار دانلود و نصب شده است.

ویژگی ها و امکانات برنامه ویرایش عکس My Fake Look :

> دارای قاب های شیک و زیبا
> دارای افکت های جدید و جذاب
> دارای رنگ های متنوع برای تغییر رنگ چشم
> قابلیت به اشتراک گذاری عکس های ویرایش شده در شبکه های اجتماعی

My Fake Look

My Fake Look Photography editor

Create funny images from your photo gallery.
Fool your friends by manipulating montages and changing the original photo.
Creating collages from your photos from camera.
You can change the face of anyone and save the new image as picture and share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
Apply effects to your portrait:
– snow effect
– falling leaves
– rain effect
Add frames to your portrait. Choose the photo frame and apply to your picture
You can change your face or part of it: color eyes, mouth, nose, hair, add a new hat and much more.
You can write over your image or drawing over your edition.
This app is fully free.
My Fake Look is a free application that allows you to add funny items to your pictures. With simple steps and controls you can create the photo you want easily.
You may have some boring photos that you know they have potential to be great. You can take that same original photo and help it become all that you want it to be.
The usage of this app is based on three simple steps that you can see on app main screen: LOAD, EDIT and SHARE.
Take a shot in the moment or use one already stored on your device. Adjust the color, brightness, and saturation, as well as enlarge and it according to your liking.
Add facial elements like lopsided hairdos, funky shades, and giant lips filled with rotting teeth, all of which can also be tweaked for color and style.
You can also turn yourself into a very beautiful man or woman. There are a lot of hairstyles, hats, glasses, wonderful eyes, noses and mouths.
Feel free to draw directly on the top of your image as well, adding that personalized touch. You can also write over new image with colorful text styles. Finish off your masterpiece with moving effects like rain, snow, or falling leaves.
If you have a lot of elements on your montage you can use the layers button located at the top right. Using this button you can have fast access to a item of screen and edit it without changing or moving other items.
If you do an unwanted moving you can also undo the last actions that you did. It’s so easy. You can go back or forward. You will not lose that cool detail of your editing.
Another option is to add a frame to the image. The appearance of your edition will be more elegant. There are a lot of cool frames for you to choose.
If you are not satisfied with app current wigs, frames, mouths, noses, etc., you can also install an extra package that will bring an infinity of new options to you.
It’s easy to export your picture to any variety of social media or communication program. After all, what’s the point of great art if no one gets to hit the “like” button?
Don’t just keep your funny photos to yourself. Share them on social networks;
My Fake Look.. Your face as you like!

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حجم فایل : ۱۶.۳ مگابایت امتیاز بدهید
دانلود برنامه مای فیک لوک اندروید ۱.۵۵ My Fake Look Photo editor
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نسخه اندروید مورد نیاز: Android ۲.۲ دانلود بارکد اسکنر
 قیمت‌در مارکت اندروید: رایگان گزارش خرابی
منبع: هزار و یک دانلود گزارش انتشار نسخه جدید
رمز فایل‌در صورت نیاز : ۱۰۰۱ پاسخ به سوالات و مشکلات مربوط به این برنامه / بازی

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