Princess Salon Cinderella
دانلود بازی پرنسس سالن سیندرلا اندروید Princess Salon Cinderella 1.1
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دانلود بازی پرنسس سالن سیندرلا اندروید Princess Salon Cinderella 1.1

Princess Salon Cinderella – سیندرلا بازی بسیار پرطرفدار و بسیار معروف که توسط شرکت بازی‌سازی  Libii برای اندروید ساخته شده است و به صورت رایگان در گوگل پلی عرضه می‌شود.بازی سیندرلا – Princess Salon Cinderella  یک بازی بسیار عالی و دخترانه می‌باشد و شما باید در این بازی باید لباس‌های سیندرلا را آماده کنید و آن را به قصر بفرستید و از بازی لذت ببرید.

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    Princess Salon Cinderella Apk Free Download

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Her stepmother and her twin stepsisters made her their servant after the death of her parents. Since then she has lived a hard life accompanied only by miserableness. One day, invitations to a royal ball were sent out to girls all over the country. All the girls were so thrilled, she was no exception. While her wicked stepmother tore her dress up, to make her stay at home. Knowing she can't make it to the ball, the poor girl can't help but cry. Could somebody do the magic and make her a beautiful dress? Well, you can always believe in a little magic. Here comes the Fairy Godmother with the top notch spa, fantastic cosmetics, and gorgeous dresses. Oh, and a stunning glass slipper that can change her fate forever. Being a Cinderella can be every little girl's fantasy. Here Princess Salon: Cinderella can make it happen. We have everything prepared: a grand ball where 3 charming princes will be present, the Fairy Godmother who can help you turn into a real beauty. Ever thought of having a princess moment in your live? Let's see how amazing you'll look like after the makeover. The Beauty Secret is soon to be spilled, the girl is walking out from dusty to dreamy. Does nice makeover make a lady? Can magic glass slippers bring good luck and true love? Come with us and