Smoothie Photo Editor
دانلود ویرایشگر عکس اندروید Smoothie Photo Editor 1.13
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  • نسخه فعلی : 1.13
  • حجم : 6 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : اندروید
  • ارسال شده توسط : مدیر اپ های اندروید
  • آخرین بروزرسانی :
  • بازدید : 2278

دانلود ویرایشگر عکس اندروید Smoothie Photo Editor 1.13

Smoothie Photo Editor یکی از محبوبترین برنامه های ویرایش عکس اندروید می باشد که به صورت رایگان در گوگل پلی عرضه شده است.این برنامه دارای ابزار هایی جدید و کاربردی می باشد وشما میتوانید و دانلود و نصب این برنامه تمامی عکس های خود را ویرایش کنید افکت بگذارید و…
ویژگی ها و امکانات برنامه Smoothie Photo Editor :
> دارای قاب های زیبا
> قابلیت تنظیم تار بودن عکس
> قابلیت تبدیل عکس به کارکاتور
> قابلیت تنظیم روشنایی تصاویر
> قابلیت اضفه کردن متن به عکس
Smoothie Photo Editor

Smoothie Photo Editor

Paid version of Smoothie Photo Effects Lite with much more advanced and refined filters and frames.
Smoothie Photo Effects is one of the best application for photo editing for Android OS. Application has an intuitive interface in Holo style and supports storing of photos up to 13MP in size.
Our photo editor makes the use of advanced tools for photo editing easy and more pleasant. Additionally, as one of a few applications, it is equipped with functionality of undoing changes applied to the picture – in our opinion very essential feature for professional graphic editor.
Let’s share the results of your work with friends by means of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
Photo effects and transformations that are possible thanks to our image editor:
• Brightness, saturation and contrast adjustments – make your photos even more fantastic
• Sharpness improvement – say goodbye to blurry shots
• Caricatures – make your friends laugh by creating their caricatures
• Exposition adjusting – overexposed picture is not a problem any more
• Oil painting effect – give your picture amazing oil painting look
• Pop art – make your picture look like as if it just left the Andy Warhol’s atelier
• Focal blur – emphasize the most important – in your opinion – element of the picture
• Text overlapping – choose your favorite font style and use the intuitive gestures for text manipulating in the picture
• Gradients applying – choose your blending mode and colors in gradient
• Vignette – use vignette to give your picture more professional look
• Mems creating – make your friends laugh by means of accurate mem
• Pixel mosaic – give your picture look of a unique mosaic
• Lomo – make your picture look like as if it was taken with simple analogue camera
• Color washing – wash your photo colors out to give them even more unique look
• Retro effect – this effect will enable you to go back in time
• Sepia – give your picture sepia tone
• Hdr – thanks to this effect you will emphasize any detail
• Cutting off and rotation – cut of and rotate to achieve the best results
• Pattern applying – apply a pattern on your picture that makes your photo look even more original
• Frames – put the finishing touches you have always dreamt of
• Partial color removal – make your picture partially colorful and at the same time partially black and white. Smoothie Photo Effects will let you do it with an outstanding precision
• Color adjustment – adjust the colors to give your picture an inimitable charm
• Color curves – manipulate the curves and achieve the infinite number of interesting effects
• Cross process and many other photo effects!
If you want to share your feedback about Smoothie Photo Effects, send us an e-mail. We will answer immediately!

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