Talking Fish
برنامه صحبت با ماهی اندروید Talking Fish 2.0
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برنامه صحبت با ماهی اندروید Talking Fish 2.0

Talking Fish یکی از بهترین و جالب ترین برنامه های سرگرم کننده می باشد که برای موبایل های اندرویدی طراحی شده است.شما با دانلود ونصب این برنامه روی موبایل اندرویدی خود میتوانید با ماهی جالب در برنامه صحبت کنید تا او حرف های شما را تکرار کند همچنین شما با زدن روی بدن ماهی عکس العمل او را میتوانید تماشا کنید.

Talking Fish

Talking Fish

Talking fish records what you say and play back with Fish Talking the same words.
Fun application for kids and adult alike with Talking Fish while swimming in water. As Fish Talks back the same words you used, its entertaining.
A different view from Applications like Talking Cat, Talking Parrot kind of applications with multiple fishes to choose from including Cute Fish, Silly Fish and Star Fish. Star fish is unique from other fishes and entertains more people.
Entertainment with fish talking. This is not just a fish that lives in fish tank. He lives anywhere outside aquarium and can talk.
Whether you like fishing games or fish tank this is the app where fish talks back to you whatever you say. Talking fish is the fish live talking to you.
Shake the Phone and fish will start dancing for you.
If you touch the fish (or water), the fish will move back.
۱. Talk to the fish and talking fish will listen to everything you say.
۲. Talking fish will talk back to you in fish’s voice playing a fish game with you.
۳. Touch the fish and angry fish will move back. This is a Fish with Attitude.
۴. Shake the phone and fish will become a dancing fish and shake to to disco music to entertain you.
۵. Multiple fishes to chose from. Each member of the family can adopt a Pet Fish and play with it. These are fish in sea water and out side of fish aquarium. You are the Fish Maker here selecting fish you want.
۶. Background with Fish Tank and Aquarium setting with moving fishes in the Bowl. Watch Adventures and get entertained.
Fishes for your entertainment with wide choice of fish to chose from the aquarium kind of setup with fish tank. The new Fish Tank additions makes talking fish even more attractive for kids and adults alike. Great App to get if you are into Fishing Games and fish ponds. Get all the fishes in the game without any Fish hooks.
Fish tank added in latest version. With Fish pond having multiple fishes swimming around and Talking fish in the fish tank will be awesome to play with for anyone. The best fishing game for anyone.

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