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دانلود مجموعه ویجت اندروید Weather Clock Widget
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دانلود مجموعه ویجت اندروید Weather Clock Widget

Weather Clock Widget اپلیکیشنی طراحی شده به منظور دسترسی شما به انواع ویجت های کاربردی در موبایل اندرویدی خود است.در این برنامه شما قابلیت استفاده از ویحت های تقویم ، ساعت ، هواشناسی  و… در سایز های مختلف هستید .
ویژگی ها و امکانات برنامه Weather Clock Widget Android :
> دارای سایز های مختلف ویجت
> دارای ویجت هواشناسی با قابلیت یه هفته پیش بینی
> دارای انیمیشن های زیبا و با کیفیت برای نمایش وضعیت آب و هوا
Weather Clock Widget

Weather Clock Widget

Weather & Clock Widget for Android, the quick and accurate weather app, provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide, it searches your address and locates cities quickly, and provides the current temperature, current weather condition, humidity, pressure and wind speed and direction, in addition, five, ten days and hourly weather forecast. Weather & Clock Widget for Android, is 100% free, and it comes with many cool widgets, portrait and landscape user interface.
Weather & Clock Widget for Android comes with different widget sizes, 2×1, 4×1, 4×2 and 4×3 for normal screens, and 5×1, 5×2 and 5×3 for large screens and tablets.
Weather & Clock Widget for Android supports a wide range of Android phones; it supports Android Version 2.3 and higher.
– Provides current weather condition and five days weather forecast
– ۱۰-Day and Hourly Weather with precipitation
– Sunrise and Sunset time
– Atmospheric pressure with different units
– Temperature in status bar
– Share weather and location information with friends.
– Home screen widgets, 5×3, 5×2, 5×1 for large screen only and 4×3, 4×2, 4×1 and 2×1 for all screens.
– Searches for all cities in the world by country and city or zip code
– Ability to set your internet source to Wi-Fi only
– Ability to disable internet access from operators while you are in roaming
– Ability to set your preferred temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Automatic update intervals are: 30 minutes,1, 3, 6, 9, 12 hours and Manual update.
– Auto location detection
– Up to 10 different locations
– Weather map with ability to add any city to your city list
– Notification alerts (with option to disable it)
– Moon phase
– UV Index and Dew Point

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